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We realized we had more fun making the decorations that were for the party trailer and that we are more artists than mobile bar people and since we haven't been able to find any paying customers for the mobile bar we are going to put it up for sale soon.  We want to keep it insured until we tell you we sold it.  Might take time to find a perfect buyer.  Adding some more varnish to the wood and then will sell it.  We are aiming to make really cool decorations people would put in their bar.  We don't make the resin we buy this brand  Creating this don't take much training, just mix part A and B an add color.  We are learning techniques from

Home office

2019-02-06 016.JPG



2019-02-06 010.JPG
2019-02-06 018.JPG
2019-02-06 012.JPG

Items to sell

Wine Cork and Resin Wine Barrrels and Wine Barrel Tabletops with table legs

Barrels with white will be

filled with colored resin

Barrels with corks will have a tempered glass top

2019-02-06 022.JPG
2019-02-06 024.JPG
2019-02-06 023.JPG
2019-02-06 021.JPG

Items to sell

Resin fake spills and fake bar items - here are some that we made.  Started with small items.

2019-02-06 002.JPG
2019-02-06 008.JPG
2019-02-06 004.JPG
2019-02-06 006.JPG

Items to sell

Resin Canvas Art

2019-02-06 014.JPG

Items to sell

Wine Cork Decorations

2019-02-06 020.JPG

Items to sell

Resin Geode wall art, tables, lazy suzans

We haven't made these yet but you can get the idea with this link below.  The resin and crystal one.


Link below is somebody elses work.

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