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For the trailer and everything listed on we are asking $23,500.00 + sales tax. Email

No internet only sales!  Must meet in person in Clermont, Florida USA... near Orlando...   Covid-19 Update: DMV and some financial businesses have limited availability/hours due to Covid-19 but get in contact with us if you are interested to discuss the details and limitations.  It is still possible to get trailer license plate but there is a delay of having to mail it to you, vs pick up in office. 

Must see in person but... What's Included?

  • Trailer with awesome cypress siding

  • Magnetic Copper colored barrel roof and matching copper accent on the bottom of the trailer under the cypress siding

  • Triangle Bar to cover up hitch and add extra social area

  • Fantastic Cypress handcrafted Dutch Door.  Leave the bottom shut and open the top

  • Air Conditioner

  • Four (2 plug) power outlets - plug in the AIR Conditioner!

  • LED Lighting

  • Huge Vending Window with chalkboard sign when removed, write your menu on it - leans on support

  • Custom curved built in serving counter

  • Wonderful cypress siding adding super cuteness and rustic look

  • Wine barrel inspired barrel roof

  • Built in oak Rustic Wine Barrel wine rack with bung hole

  • Glassware or general purpose shelving

  • Built in keypad safe to lock up your valuables while serving

  • Built in wine bottle rack

  • Custom stained mini oak shelving with copper bar accent and cork succulent plants

  • Trailer dolly to help you put the trailer in the perfect tight spot.  Needs putting together.

  • NSF stainless steel work table

  • 2 stabilizer jacks

  • Professional custom fit high quality rain covering to cover the Dutch Door seam while traveling into the wind on the road during rain - bonus (keeps bugs off door even on sunny days!)

  • 2 sets of hanging purple wine cork grapes that hang on the corners

  • Mini Battery motion lights

  • One of a kind wine cork mural

  • One of a kind stained oak and copper nail string art of a wine glass

  • BAR letters for the counter with premium wine corks and copper head nail accents

  • Durable flooring

  • Diamonds and Champagne cork decoration

  • Oak, copper and wine cork succulent decorations

  • 2 huge picture windows to look inside at the cuteness

  • Copper Basket on the shelves

  • Benches on both side of the trailer inside

  • Fire extinguisher SIGN (needs hanging).  Provide your own fire extinguisher. 

  • 2 employees only signs (needs hanging if desired)

  • No Smoking Sign (needs hanging if desired)

  • Built in Bottle Opener and container to catch caps

  • 3 hooks to hang things

  • Copper Bar Decorations

  • 2 hooks under counter to hang a floral swag like at a wedding

  • Cypress wood decking to cover up the metal trailer decking

  • Copper built in paper towel holder

  • Empty trailer under 2,000 lbs

We are busy building art products for sale, so serious inquiries only.  You are buying the above trailer and above equipment, NOT our business, business name, social media, etc.  Thirsty Wheel Bar, LLC will continue on making decorations for sale (we don't make trailers and only have this one!).  To see it in person email us at at

Email us directly:


(Update: The DMV is currently closed to walk in, so you will need to get your license plate in the mail before we will let you drive off with the trailer.) Temporary registration tags available at local DMV to which you will need to get a permanent registration in your city before they expire.  So sorry to be a stickler on this one but we are not shipping it or selling only over the internet.  Let's meet and we will show you this awesome trailer and show you all the features, even some hidden ones, like how to get into the safe, to keep your stuff safe.  After we meet in person and your payment has cleared if you want to arrange shipping yourself that is fine, but we aren't shipping to somebody we haven't met.

For sale is the trailer and equipment listed on the website, NOT our business, business name, social media, etc.  Thirsty Wheel Bar, LLC will continue on making products for sale.  In fact, even if your not in the market to buy a trailer, contact us at to join our mailing list to be notified of all the super cute bar decorations and decor we are planning to make and sell once this trailer sells.  We are going to focus on small mobile bar themed decor, super luxury looking.  You all will love it!!


We will be listing this on multiple websites so we will remove this ad when it is sold.

Trailer is built and ready to go, get busy making money right away.  We only have or will have this one.  Get busy using it yourself or providing a $ service to others.

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